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CPA Accountant Tax Preparation and Financial Business Consulting

CPA Accountant Near Me, Lambda CPA – Beyond Numbers your Trusted Advisor for expert income tax preparation services, and financial business consulting. We specialize in seamlessly E-filing personal, trust, and corporate tax returns. Your gateway to a stress-free and efficient professional income tax filing experience. Let’s make tax season a breeze together! Reserve our professionals to do your taxes this season now.

Proudly located in Middlesex County – We are Chartered Professional Accountants in London Ontario and surrounding areas.

We offer personalized accounting services, bookkeeping and financial services to individuals, small businesses and business owners.

CPA Accountant Near Me

Lambda CPA

268 Martin Drive
Ilderton, ON N0M2A0
Phone: (226) 797-6820
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Our Tax Preparation Advantage

Professional CPA E-Filed Tax Returns

Let us take the stress off, and E-File your tax return to get your refund promptly. Even if your return is basic, make Tax-Time less stressing.

Eliminate the anxiety due to the complexity of tax regulations, concerns about making errors, meeting deadlines, and uncertainty about potential liabilities. Our Accountant Tax Preparation Service makes life easy, so kick up your feet.

Whether its Personal Income Tax, a Professional Corporation, Small Business Owners or any sized business, we can help!

No Tax Stress
Give Back, Get Back - Grow your tax refund and a tree

Give Back, Get Back

Embark on a sustainable tax preparation journey, where we prioritize both your financial wellness and the health of our planet. Our paperless approach minimizes environmental impact, ensuring a greener, cleaner process.

As a result of our commitment, we pledge to plant a tree for every tax return filed. Experience the joy of contributing to a sustainable future while securing your financial present.

Complex Tax Preparation Scenarios

We specialize in navigating difficult and complex tax circumstances with precision. Our team of accountants offers Tax Planning and Tax Consulting.

Our experienced accountants are equipped to handle new or changing tax regulations, ensuring your financial matters are in compliance.

Trust Lambda CPA to provide personalized solutions and navigate complex tax situations with you.

Complicated CPA Accountant Tax Planning Services
Online CPA Accountant Tax Preparation Services

Drop Taxes Off In Person Or Submit Online

We have invested in a digital work-flow which allows us to provide our tax preparation services services in an efficient and convenient manner.

Because of our digital process, you can provide, review, sign and file your tax information returns from the comfort of your home. Or drop off your information directly to us, whichever you prefer!

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our accounting and bookkeeping services are meticulously tailored to ensure seamless tax preparation and compliance for businesses of all sizes. From maintaining accurate financial records to meticulously categorizing expenses and income, our expert team ensures that your books are in order and optimized for tax season.

With a keen eye for detail and a thorough understanding of tax regulations, we meticulously track every transaction, reconcile accounts, and generate comprehensive financial statements that serve as the foundation for your tax filings. By leveraging advanced accounting software and industry best practices, we streamline the process, minimize errors, and maximize deductions, ultimately ensuring that you meet your tax obligations while optimizing your tax position.

Accountant Bookkeeper Close To Me

Lambda CPA Articles

Interest Rates - TFSA vs. RRSP

RRSP vs TFSA – Do Higher Interest Rates change things?

Jeffrey RunnallsMar 1, 20232 min read

If you ask most Financial Advisors or Accountants whether putting funds into TFSAs or RRSPs make more sense, there is an almost scarily uniform answer that TFSAs are better. It is scary because – typically – if you ask why you are met with a blank stare and offered some sort of a canned answer like “tax-free is obviously better”. It’s also scary as Advisors and Accountants very rarely agree…


Jeff Runnalls, CPA, CA studied Accounting and Economics at Western University, graduating in 2005. Beginning his career and earning his CPA, CA designation at a Big Four International Accounting Firm, providing Taxation, Accounting and Auditing services, including multiple International secondments.

Jeff then left Public Accounting working in Public and Private Firms in the Technology, Healthcare, Finance and Property Verticals.